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Schedule appointments automatically

Here at we book lots of appointments (visits for doctors, interviews for lawyers, maintenance for plumbing and heating, inspections for architects, etc.), we spend so many hours on the phone to manage your booking that we said: “and if we make it automatic?”

That is… Wouldn’t it be awesome if it were your customers, by themselves, to book an appointment with you?

We did it 🙂

Call it automatic booking or artifical intelligence, you just need to pin your availability in gCal or iCal and the rest is up to our algorithms that will answer to your customers, update your calendar and notify you what happens in real time.

Finally you will lighten the work of your secretary (or that of ours) and you can entrust her with more important tasks.

So your customers will book your services or visits directly via Web from smartphone, tablet or PC, from anywhere anytime (day or night).

Surely our service will make happy doctors, therapists and hairdressers, but we have designed it to best adapt to many activities:

  • visits with doctors;
  • sessions with dentists;
  • cuts with hairdressers;
  • treatments with beauticians;
  • cleaning and maintenance with plumbers/boilers;
  • soccer fields with sport clubs or parish centers;;
  • bike tours, climbing, rafting, canoeing, sailing, surfing, parachuting or paragliding with outdoor guides;
  • courses in musical instruments with musicians;
  • classroom reservations and meeting rooms.
Try it out for free, our technicians will set up the service according to your needs and will help you in every aspect of the management.


  • we will open a Facebook page (or tell us your link if you got already one);
  • we will set up a chatbot fit for your business and your customers will book an appointment directly via chat;
  • your customers will book an appointment in a few steps: 1- choice of the service (e.g. visit or therapy or haircut) 2- choice of who will provide the service (e.g. if you got more colleagues) 3- choice of date and time among those available 4- data entry and confirmation;
  • automatic real-time synchronization with Google/iCal calendar.

Let’s repeat it by illustrating it with images::

First of all we will open a Facebook page, you will ads it or stick a qr-code link up your door.
For sure, many of your customers will open the qr-code from smartphone and will be face to face with Facebook Messenger. Others will instead connect to your Facebook page and interact from there.
Suppose you’re a doctor. The Facebook chatbot will answer FAQ of your patients and – in case they wanna book a visit – will accompany them to do it like the best secretary in the world (information asymmetry and no holes).
Immediately after every appointment reservation, your customer will receive the booking summary as memo, while you will receive an app or mail or sms notification with all the data.
calendario google.jpg
The calendar synchronization is instantaneous. If you wonder how you will manage the availability (timetables, free days, breaks, etc.) from time to time, you will do it directly on calendar.

One of our technicians will set up the service based on your needs and will help you in every aspect of the management. Also you will get his mobile for tech assistance 7/7.

Do you want chatbot working on your site too? No problem.

We are also working hard to make our service multi-site and multi-user.


If you don’t believe, try it out here.


Click on the bar at the bottom of the page, the price changes depending on the number of appointments per month, you will get 10 free appointments per month.

There is no activation fee for the service.


  • “How can I persuade my customers to use a chatbot?” In fact don’t do it absolutely, what you need to do is just provide an extra choice, you will discover that they will be the first to use it, especially the younger ones, as soon as they discover they will not have to call you lots of times because it’s always busy. Ask yourself “if even only 30% of my clients do it alone, how much will I save in cash, time and stress?“.
  • “I don’t have a site, how can I activate the service?” You don’t need that, you certainly have a Facebook page, we will set up a chatbot so that each of your customers will get all the answers that search from Facebook Messenger.
  • “I have a site, can I integrate the service?” Yep, you will attach a html5 snippet code so that it will host Facebook Messenger.
  • “Can I try the service before buying it?” We run on consumption and you have up to 10 free appointments per month, so yes. Maybe you’ll end up using us for free forever 🙂
  • “After signing-up what should I do to start?” One of our technicians will call you and, based on your needs, will make the setup and explain how to use the service. Even after that, our technicians will always be at your disposal for any need by mobile, chat or email.
  • “Is it possible to arrange for appointments booked online by customers to be automatically added to my Google calendar?” Of course, in fact our algorithms interact precisely with that calendar (gCal + iCal).
  • “We are 3 doctors who share the same study, can we activate your booking system with a single subscription?” We are working on it, yes, your customers will be able to book appointments by choosing one of you.
  • “I’m a hairdresser and in my studio we got more helpers who also perform numerous services of different durations (cut, tint, permanent, etc.). Do you adapt to my business?” We are working on it, yes, your customers will be able to book an appointment by choosing whom they prefer and the type of service. Each service can have different duration.
  • “I am a doctor and I got two studies, is it possible for my patients to choose the location where they wanna book a visit?” We are working on it, yes, your customers will be able to choose the location.

authorAuthor: Johnny T. is a full-stack developer, seo, copywriter and web marketing specialist. In addition to creating user-friendly interfaces such as and and to launch projects such as the virtual secretary, Johnny enjoys reading exceptional books and thinking he still has some free time. Contact him on LinkedIn.


Dopo lo smartphone: la gara per la Next Big Thing

Bell’articolo dell’11/gen di Eliot Brown sul Wsj: gli investori di venture-capital stanno investendo denaro in campi come la realtà virtuale, l’auto senza conducente e persino impianti nel cervello. Visto che il mercato degli smartphone si sta saturando (vedi crollo di Apple in Borsa), le startup stanno facendo a gara per predire cosa verrà dopo.

Per esempio:

  • Magic Leap (nell’immagine sopra un uomo che li indossa prova una motocicletta elettrica Harley-Davidson LiveWire alla mostra Panasonic del CES 2019 terminato da poco a Las Vegas)

Occhiali a realtà aumentata su cui hanno puntato in tanti, anche Alphabet (Google) e il più grosso fondo dell’Arabia Saudita. Gli occhiali “bugeye” con lenti colorate, rilasciate per ora solo ai programmatori, sovrappongono immagini di realtà virtuale al mondo reale, per gamer e neurochirurghi. Prime recensioni tiepide. Fondi raccolti: $2.4b. Ultima valutazione: $6.4b secondo PitchBook Inc.

  • Focals by North

999$, sono una versione meno appariscente ma potenzialmente più pratica di occhiali futuristici. Rilasciati ad autunno, mostrano indicazioni stradali, testi e altri semplici display trasmettendo immagini simili a ologrammi negli occhi. Fondi raccolti: $140m.

  • Paradromics

Molte startup focalizzate sulla medicina si stanno lanciando in tecnologie di interfaccia cervello-computer (lettura dei neuroni e traduzioni in informazioni elaborate da un PC). La Paradromics di Austin mira a costruire un dispositivo collegato alla corteccia di dimensioni nichel per controllare le protesi o inviare segnali visivi a un cieco. Fondi raccolti: $25m.

  • Zoox

È l’auto che si guida da sola il nuovo smartphone? La Silicon Valley ne è ossessionata come piattaforma digitale. Mentre però Waymo e le case automobilistiche stanno lavorando su auto già esistenti, Zoox sta cercando di costruire un’automobile autonoma da zero (potrebbe non includere il volante). Fondi raccolti: $790m. Ultima valutazione: $3.2b.

Che dire?

Personalmente, non credo che si possa continuamente sfornare hardware sempre appetibile (vedi tracollo GoPro dal 2014). Forse, è tempo che il fattore umano si metta semplicemente in pari con la tecnologia. Forse, si venderanno sempre meno smartphone ma saranno proprio i servizi su smartphone quelli che cresceranno di più nei prossimi anni. Magari saranno proprio i servizi di intelligenza artificiale come la nostra recentissima Gestione agenda appuntamenti in automaico con chatbot, algoritmi per far perdere meno tempo a te o alla tua segretaria dove non ha senso farlo e concentrarsi solo su ciò che veramente conta per la tua ditta. Chissà…

Oppure saranno semplicemente servizi resi dall’uomo per l’uomo con in mezzo un’App. Se sei già nostro cliente (sono ormai 4 anni che esistiamo), sicuramente usi già l’App di per stare in contatto con le tue segretarie ogni istante della giornata.

La nostra App: il tuo dialogo continuo con le nostre segretarie in carne ed ossa.

Sai quante app vengono create ogni anno nel mondo, solo nell’App Store?

Però così dimentichiamo Android, quindi raddoppia per 2.

Quante di queste app sono veramente utili? Mah, forse, poche.

Spetta al consumatore (cioè tu) la scelta finale della next big thing 🙂


authorAutore: Johnny T. è sviluppatore full-stack, seo, copywriter e specialista in marketing web. In aggiunta a creare interfacce user-friendly come e ed a lanciare progetti come la segretaria virtuale, Johnny si diverte a leggere libri eccezionali e a pensare di avere ancora del tempo libero. Contattalo su LinkedIn.